Sandbox Information Systems

Connecting technology, people, and process.


Sandbox applies design-thinking to servicing our client's information systems in order to achieve extraordinary results:
Connecting people, organizational processes, and technology to improve the work and lives of our clients.

We value transparency, learning, and progressive business practices. We believe that technology can be leveraged to work smarter and achieve a healthier life-work balance. Our work and our company practices are approached through the lens of environmental and social responsibility.


Well-designed information systems allow an organization to change and grow with minimal impact on organizational effectiveness. Our work with you begins with learning about your biggest needs and challenges, and is followed by a host of services that supports not only the tools that you use, but the people and processes required to make them function to their full potential.


Tech support is a necessary service, but one that can be greatly reduced with proper planning and clearly defined processes. Similarly to using a smartphone and enjoying an incredibly well-designed set of systems, we believe your business systems can function with relative ease. This is where our relationship with clients begins. As with the design of a building, user interaction is key in determining the correct design of an information system. Our consulting services include planning, visioning, cost analysis, and budgeting in order to assist you with defining expectations that align with your organization’s goals and risk attitude. 


Many small to mid-sized organizations find themselves challenged to staff in-house information technology personnel. IT-related tasks are often off-loaded to individuals required to perform another key role within your company and priority conflicts can be frequent. Our Management service is designed to augment your team without the heavy annual costs of in-house staff. Every aspect of your information systems is fully documented, diagrammed, and tracked in a system that is accessible by you at all times. Our holistic approach means that we manage the full life-cycle of your systems, from procurement, to training and instruction, to disaster recovery and replacement.


Our Maintenance service includes one of the most overlooked and most critical pieces of successful information systems—continuous and appropriate systems maintenance, metrics for the health of your systems, and a guide for preventing unexpected events. We take care of top to bottom installation, configuration, monitoring and testing of your systems.

Support & Help Desk

Our company mission is to minimize your technical support needs, but when you have them, our support help desk is ready to troubleshoot your issues and coordinate prompt attention from our technical team when further action is necessary. Our clients get a response from a real human within one hour of submitting a service ticket.


Dustin Rowe

Consultant & Founder

Dustin created Sandbox on the premise that process, transparency, and incentive structure had a lot of room for improvement in the information technology service industry, and he wanted to change that. He believes that a holistic focus on information systems can lead to maximized organizational effectiveness while simultaneously challenging traditional work-life balance. Dustin’s proficiency in creating efficient systems is best illustrated by his ability to pursue his passion for kiteboarding, surfing, and hiking while growing a progressive and successful business.

Mike Garcia

Business Manager

Mike is passionate about business data analytics, and brings great energy to our team at Sandbox. Sandbox's continuous improvement focus requires a person dedicated to our success both internally and from the perspective of our clients. Utilizing his background in entrepreneurship, business management, and analytics, Mike ensures we're continually meeting and exceeding our goals and our client's expectations. In his spare time Mike enjoys climbing, snowboarding, and exploring the great outdoor opportunities the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

Madison Bailey

Application Specialist

Madison has the ideal combination of customer service and systems experience to fluidly document and service our client's application needs. As apps continue to become the core of our client's information systems we are excited for Madison's experience and interests to continue to grow the quality and breadth of our service. She enjoys taking advantage of all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer for an avid hiker and photographer. Sandbox's flexible culture allows her to spend more time with her family doing what she loves.

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